TITLE 132S - Columbia Basin College (132S-01-010 to 132S-700-010)

  1. CHAPTER 132S-01 - Practice and procedure (132S-01-010 to 132S-01-090)
  2. CHAPTER 132S-05 - Administration (132S-05-010 to 132S-05-025)
  3. CHAPTER 132S-09 - [Repealed]Nondiscrimination and harassment policy and grievance procedure (132S-09-010 to 132S-09-110)
  4. CHAPTER 132S-10 - Public records (132S-10-010 to 132S-10-100)
  5. CHAPTER 132S-20 - Practice and procedure (132S-20-001 to 132S-20-320)
  6. CHAPTER 132S-30 - [Repealed] (132S-30-010 to 132S-30-092)
  7. CHAPTER 132S-31 - [Repealed] (132S-31-010 to 132S-31-017)
  8. CHAPTER 132S-40 - [Repealed] (132S-40-005 to 132S-40-425)
  9. CHAPTER 132S-50 - Financial Aid [Repealed] (132S-50-010 to 132S-50-280)
  10. CHAPTER 132S-90 - Student rights, responsibilities and student status (132S-90-010 to 132S-90-070)
  11. CHAPTER 132S-91 - Loss of eligibility-Student athlete participation (132S-91-010)
  12. CHAPTER 132S-92 - Family Educational Rights And Privacy Act (132S-92-010)
  13. CHAPTER 132S-100 - Student code of conduct (132S-100-010 to 132S-100-500)
  14. CHAPTER 132S-110 - Title IX hearing procedure for students (132S-110-010 to 132S-110-090)
  15. CHAPTER 132S-200 - Health and safety regulations (132S-200-110 to 132S-200-150)
  16. CHAPTER 132S-285 - [Repealed] (132S-285-010 to 132S-285-015)
  17. CHAPTER 132S-300 - Campus parking and traffic regulations (132S-300-100 to 132S-300-400)
  18. CHAPTER 132S-400 - Facility use for first amendment activities (132S-400-100 to 132S-400-130)
  19. CHAPTER 132S-500 - Facility use for other than first amendment activities (132S-500-100 to 132S-500-140)
  20. CHAPTER 132S-600 - Posting And Literature Distribution (132S-600-100)
  21. CHAPTER 132S-700 - Environmental Policy (132S-700-010)

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