CHAPTER 296-150I - Manufactured home installer training and certification program (296-150I-0010 to 296-150I-3000)

  1. 296-150I-0010 - Authority, purpose, scope
  2. 296-150I-0020 - What definitions apply to this chapter?
  3. 296-150I-0030 - What should the training program include?
  4. 296-150I-0040 - Examination - Failure - Retaking
  5. 296-150I-0050 - What is the application process?
  6. 296-150I-0060 - Manufactured home installer - Continuing education requirements
  7. 296-150I-0070 - Manufactured home installer certification renewal - Application process
  8. 296-150I-0080 - Installer certification - Revocation
  9. 296-150I-0090 - Requirement for applicable licenses and registrations
  10. 296-150I-0100 - Manufactured home on-site work and equipment installation - Manufactured home installer certification required
  11. 296-150I-0110 - Manufactured home installation, on-site work or equipment installation - Homeowner performing work on their own home - Exceptions
  12. 296-150I-0120 - Manufactured home installation permit and inspections - Obligation of certified installer
  13. 296-150I-0130 - Manufactured home installer - Responsibilities to the consumer
  14. 296-150I-0140 - Manufactured home installation - Installer certification tags required
  15. 296-150I-0150 - Installer certification tag - Issuance by local enforcement agency
  16. 296-150I-0160 - Installer certification tag - Placement - Removal
  17. 296-150I-0170 - Monthly certification tag report
  18. 296-150I-0180 - Alternative education providers - Approval process and compliance
  19. 296-150I-0190 - Legal action - Installer certification required
  20. 296-150I-0200 - How does the department ensure compliance with the requirements of chapter 43.22A RCW?
  21. 296-150I-0210 - What violations of RCW 43.22A.130 can result in the issuance of a notice of infraction?
  22. 296-150I-0220 - What information must be included in a notice of infraction?
  23. 296-150I-0230 - Who can be issued a notice of infraction?
  24. 296-150I-0240 - How does a person, firm, contractor, partnership, corporation or certified installer appeal a notice of infraction?
  25. 296-150I-0250 - Who presides over an appeal hearing and where is it held?
  26. 296-150I-0260 - Who will represent the appellant and the department at the appeal hearings?
  27. 296-150I-0270 - How is the appeal hearing conducted?
  28. 296-150I-0280 - What does the department do with the appeal notices that they receive?
  29. 296-150I-0290 - When must a person, contractor, manufactured/mobile home dealer, manufacturer, or home dealer's or manufacturer's agent pay assessed monetary penalties?
  30. 296-150I-0300 - Who establishes standards for installation of manufactured homes?
  31. 296-150I-0310 - What instructions are used for a manufactured home installation?
  32. 296-150I-0320 - How may I obtain a copy of the American National Standards Institute (ANSI) A225.1 - Manufactured Homes Installation?
  33. 296-150I-0330 - What are the requirements for temporary placement of manufactured (mobile) homes?
  34. 296-150I-0340 - Do local enforcement agencies have special requirements for installing manufactured homes in hazardous areas?
  35. 296-150I-0350 - Who may install a manufactured home?
  36. 296-150I-0360 - Does a person who installs a manufactured home need an installation permit?
  37. 296-150I-0370 - Does a manufactured home installation require an inspection?
  38. 296-150I-0380 - How does the local enforcement agency gain access to the manufacturer's installation instructions?
  39. 296-150I-0390 - What are the requirements for on-site structures and who regulates them?
  40. 296-150I-0400 - What happens if a dispute arises concerning an installation requirement?
  41. 296-150I-0410 - What are the requirements if a home is damaged during transit or during set-up?
  42. 296-150I-3000 - Penalties, fees, and refunds

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