1. § 296-23-302 - Definitions Approved independent medical examination (IME) provider
  2. § 296-23-307 - [Repealed]
  3. § 296-23-308 - Scheduling case progress examinations
  4. § 296-23-309 - How many examinations may be requested?
  5. § 296-23-312 - Can a provider conduct independent medical examinations (IMEs) for the department or self-insurer without an active IME provider number from the department?
  6. § 296-23-317 - What qualifications must a provider meet to become an approved independent medical examination (IME) provider and be assigned an IME provider number?
  7. § 296-23-322 - What boards are recognized by the department for independent medical examination (IME) provider approval?
  8. § 296-23-327 - What other factors may the department's medical director consider in approving or disapproving an application for an independent medical examination (IME) provider number?
  9. § 296-23-332 - What are the requirements for notifying the department or self-insurer if an independent medical examination (IME) provider has a change in status?
  10. § 296-23-337 - For what reasons shall the department's medical director or designee suspend or terminate approval of an independent medical examination (IME) examiner or firm?
  11. § 296-23-342 - Are providers entitled to referrals from the department or self-insurer?
  12. § 296-23-347 - What are the independent medical examination (IME) provider's responsibilities in an examination?
  13. § 296-23-352 - Must the independent medical examination (IME) provider address job analyses (JAs) at the request of the department or self-insurer?
  14. § 296-23-357 - May an independent medical examination (IME) provider offer to provide ongoing treatment to the worker?
  15. § 296-23-358 - What happens when there is no approved independent medical exam (IME) provider in the specialty needed available in a reasonably convenient location for the worker?
  16. § 296-23-359 - When is telemedicine appropriate for an independent medical exam (IME)?
  17. § 296-23-362 - May a worker bring someone with them to an independent medical examination (IME)?
  18. § 296-23-367 - May the worker videotape or audiotape the independent medical examination? (Repealed)
  19. § 296-23-372 - Can a worker file a complaint about a provider's conduct during an independent medical examination?
  20. § 296-23-377 - If an independent medical examination (IME) provider is asked to do an impairment rating examination only, what information must be included in the report?
  21. § 296-23-381 - What rating systems are used for determining an impairment rating conducted by an independent medical examination (IME) provider?
  22. § 296-23-382 - What information must be included in an independent medical examination (IME) report?
  23. § 296-23-387 - What are the responsibilities of an independent medical examination (IME) provider regarding testimony?
  24. § 296-23-392 - Is there a fee schedule for independent medical examinations?
  25. § 296-23-401 - Can the department schedule an examination or order a self-insured employer to schedule an examination after receipt of an appeal to the board of industrial insurance appeals (BIIA)?
  26. § 296-23-403 - Independent medical examinations-Department data reporting

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