W. Va. Code R. § 95-1-21 - Inmate Services and Programs

21.1. Availability. Inmate programs and services shall be made available and shall include, but not necessarily limited to, social services, religious services, recreation and leisure time activities, and library services.
21.2. Use of community resources. Inmate programs and services shall provide for the identification and use of available community re­sources.
21.3. Inmate option to refuse. Inmates may refuse to participate in jail facility programs, except work assignments and programs required by statute or court order. There shall be written documentation of each refusal to participate maintained in the inmate's file.
21.4. Equal Opportunity. Male and female inmates will have equal opportunities to participate in programs and services.
21.5. Services for drug and alcohol addiction. The jail facility shall provide for counseling and program services for inmates with drug and/or alcohol problems. All necessary medical and health care services shall be provided. The jailing of alcoholics for public intoxication is prohibited. Efforts shall be made to encourage the active involvement of local Alcoholics Anonymous and other similar groups in the delivery of services to inmates and reasonable accommodations made for their use. Alcoholism rehabilitation and drug awareness programs may be established through a local agency or other qualified person.
21.6. Religion. Inmates shall be provided opportunities to participate in religious services and counseling on a voluntary basis.
21.7. Leisure time activities. The jail facility shall provide opportunities for inmates to participate in leisure time activities outside their cell or room on a daily basis. Each inmate shall be permitted at least one hour of leisure time activity each day outside their cell or room. Leisure time activities may include radio, television, movies, crafts, cards, puzzles, checkers, chess or space for indoor exercise.
21.8. Outdoor exercise. The jail facility shall provide each inmate with at least one hour of outdoor exercise per day in an outdoor area with adequate space for the exercise of large muscle groups. The outdoor exercise area shall be constructed to ensure privacy from and safety for the general public.
21.9. Records. The hours and place of recreation for each inmate shall be recorded daily.
21.10. Work Release. The jail facility shall establish a program for the implementation of a work release program pursuant to West Virginia Code '62-11A-1 and '62-11A-2. All inmates shall be notified of their right to apply for the program; appropriate applications and assistance in their completion shall be provided to inmates upon admission to the jail facility.
21.11. GED Program. The jail facility shall arrange for a G.E.D. program for inmates who desire to participate.
21.12. Vocational programs. Inmates shall have access to vocational counseling, pre-vocational career assessment, adult basic education, and vocational training.
21.13. Labor in jail facility. Inmates over the age of sixteen years may consent to perform labor within the jail facility, for county government. The jail facility shall develop a written resident work plan for work in the jail facility, the county government or a community service agency.
21.14. Good time. Good time policy will be coordinated with the vocational, education and work programs.
21.15. Library services. Library services shall be available to inmates and shall include at least the following types of materials: materials responsive to the interests and educational needs of inmates; information services to locate facts needed; programs for individuals or group information and enjoyment, such as books, discussion groups, music, creative writing, speakers and a distinct library setting. Library resources may be supplemented by the entire collection of local, regional and state libraries, law libraries and inter-library loan services. When appropriate, provisions shall be made for accommodation of inmates with visual and auditory deficits.
21.16. Staff. The jail facility shall assign a staff member to coordinate and supervise the library and its services. The number of staff required for this function may vary dependent upon the number of inmates involved in the program.
21.17. Pre-trial intervention program. When a pre-trial intervention program, diversion program, pre-trial release program or paroles program is conducted in the jail facility, sufficient staff, space and equipment shall be provided to meet the needs of the particular program.


W. Va. Code R. § 95-1-21

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