041-2 Wyo. Code R. § 2-2 - Review

Current through April 9, 2022

(a) Upon request, the Department shall provide the Plan Review Packet which contains the project information sheet which shall be completed and accompany the plan submittal and the plan review fees.
(b) The Department may upon its own initiative, or upon the request of the submitter, hold preliminary meetings with design professionals and building owners or the building owner's designated representative to discuss code issues relative to proposed projects.
(c) Plan reviews may be submitted in phases so that work may begin on the first phase of a project upon approval of the plans for that phase. Subsequent work may begin on each successive phase as plans are approved for each successive phase. Plans for fire alarm systems and fire sprinkler systems shall be submitted as successive phase plans after the initial plans are approved. The number of phases in the total project shall be clearly indentified in the initial plan submittal. A phased plan submittal may be returned as unacceptable by the Department if it contains more phases than proposed in the initial submittal.
(d) The applicant shall send or deliver the plans to the Department. The following must be provided before a plan review will commence by the Department:
(i) Four (4) sets of plans and one (1) set of specifications as described in Section 1(d) & (e) or one (1) set of CAD drawings (in DWF format) if sent electronically for sprinkler and alarm systems;
(ii) Plan review fee;
(iii) Postage for return of one set of approved plans (not applicable if review documents are sent electronically);
(iv) Project Information Sheet;
(v) Compliance with other rules of the Council.
(e) If it is determined by the Department that the plans received are incomplete, the applicant will be notified in writing of the required additional information.
(f) The plan review process shall begin after the Department determines the plans submitted contain sufficient information for a comprehensive plan review. After that determination is made, the plans shall be logged into the plan review data base and stamped and dated as "RECEIVED".
(g) After having been logged in and stamped as "RECEIVED" the plans shall be assigned to a plans analyst for review. The review shall be completed within twenty-one (21) working days.
(h) If the plans contain items that must be corrected, a general plan review correction list or review comments shall be mailed or electronically transmitted in a protected format back to the submitter. The identified items shall be corrected and verification of correction shall be resubmitted to the Department with an original signature concurring that corrections have been made before construction may begin. The general plan correction list then becomes part of the approved plans.
(i) If the applicant does not agree to correct the deficiencies, the applicant shall submit an objection, in writing, to the Department and request an appeal hearing before the Council pursuant to W.S. 35-9-106(c).
(i) When the Department issues final approval of plans, the plans and the specifications shall be stamped "REVIEWED AND APPROVED FOR FIRE AND LIFE SAFETY ONLY" or "APPROVED AS NOTED". Approved plans and specifications shall not be changed, modified, or altered without authorization of the Department relative to fire and life safety code requirements, and all work, construction and installation, shall be performed in accordance with the approved accepted plans.
(j) Three (3) sets of accepted plans and specifications shall be retained by the Department. One (1) set of plans shall be returned to the applicant and a hard copy shall be kept on the site of the building or work at all times during which the work authorized thereby is in progress. The General Plan Review Correction List or review comments shall be attached to the applicant's plans and shall remain as a part of the plans. All hard copies shall be the responsibility of the submitter.
(k) Stamped plans marked "REVIEWED AND APPROVED FOR FIRE AND LIFE SAFETY ITEMS ONLY" or "APPROVED AS NOTED" is not authorization, allowance or approval of the violation of any applicable code, law, or regulation.
(l) After acceptance by the Department, construction shall commence within 180 days. After construction commences work shall not be suspended or abandoned for more than 180 days or the approval of plans and/or the electrical permit shall become null and void.
(m) The Department may, in writing, suspend or revoke acceptance issued under the provisions of the rules and regulations whenever the acceptance is issued in error or on the basis of incomplete or incorrect information.
(n) The Department may issue a temporary certificate of occupancy or temporary letter of compliance in cases where occupancy and use will not pose an unreasonable risk to persons using and occupying the premises. Such temporary certificates or letters shall be on the Department's letter-head or forms approved by the Fire Marshal or Assistant Fire Marshal. A temporary certificate or letter shall clearly list any and all outstanding code requirements to be completed before issuance of a permanent certificate of occupancy or letter of compliance will occur. A temporary certificate of occupancy or letter of compliance shall be signed by the Director or Deputy Director. The temporary certificate of occupancy shall also clearly state an expiration date when all code requirements are to be met.


041-2 Wyo. Code R. § 2-2

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