Social Security Treatise

The Social Security treatise, Martin on Social Security, and associated Social Security Library have been recast as a series of Social Security law guides. They are located at:

Social Security Library

The reference materials that comprise the library cover issues of entitlement and benefit calculation arising out of the set of programs popularly referred to as Social Security. These programs touch the lives of well over 90 percent of all persons living or working in the United States and provide critical income to those who have retired or ceased working due to severe physical or mental disability. They also provide income to the other members of a worker's family when the worker has retired, become disabled, or died. Both individually and collectively the amounts are very large. For over half the country's elderly couples and nearly three-quarters of its nonmarried elderly, benefits represent at least half their annual income. Total payments amount to well over $700 billion a year.

Martin on Social Security

At the heart of the library is a reference work designed to organize all of its contents, issue by issue, Martin on Social Security, now structured as the Social Security Law Wiki. While those who are looking for a particular regulation or ruling, section of the Act or court decision can go directly to it using the table of contents, those who are pursuing a particular question or topic will want to use the wiki. For each topic that it covers, that wiki provides direct links to the relevant portions of the Social Security Act, Code of Federal Regulations, Hallex, and POMS as well as all important cases and rulings. It also explains the importance of these various sources of Social Security Law and provides general background on the program.

Martin on Social Security with accompanying library first appeared on LEXIS in 1990. From 1994 through 1998 it was published on CD-ROM by Clark, Boardman, Callaghan. In May, 2000 all rights in the reference and library returned to the author who converted them for Web delivery by the LII. In 2012, he converted the work into the Social Security Law Wiki.  In 2018, he again converted the work to its current form at

Act, Agency Material, and Court Decisions