Credits and Conditions


Since Supreme Court decisions are U.S. government documents, their texts are public domain and may be freely copied and retransmitted. Copyright in the underlying marked up files which implement the hypertext features licensed from USSC+ is held by by Infosynthesis, Inc. Copyright in the hypertext markup and editorial material added by the Legal Information Institute is held by Cornell University.

Distribution of these versions on the Internet does not constitute consent to any use of the underlying hypertext markup for commercial redistribution either via the Internet or using some other form of hypertext distribution.

Some of the decisions in this collection were prepared directly from print sources by the LII; they carry no source legend.  Most have been furnished to the LII in digital form from either InfoSynthesis, Inc, (USSC+) or LEXIS-NEXIS (LEXIS).


All decisions in this collection bearing the legend (USSC+) have been licensed by the LII from InfoSynthesis, Inc., 195 E. Fifth St., Suite 807, St. Paul, MN 55101-1984 (phone: 800-784-7036; e-mail:; The USSC+ CD-ROM, by InfoSynthesis, contains a full set of Supreme Court decisions from 1922 to the present plus earlier "leading" decisions back to 1793 (11,444 decisions in all). To access the USSC+ WWW site click here.


All decisions in this collection bearing the legend (LEXIS) were furnished to the LII by LEXIS/NEXIS.