BOARDMAN, Surviving Partner, etc., v. TOFFEY.

117 U.S. 271 (6 S.Ct. 734, 29 L.Ed. 898)

BOARDMAN, Surviving Partner, etc., v. TOFFEY.

Decided: March 15, 1886

Jas. B. Vredenburg, for plaintiff in error.

Preston Stevenson, for defendant in error.


This judgment is affirmed. The trial was by the court without a jury, and there is no special finding of facts. The only questions presented by the bill of exceptions which we can consider are those which relate to the refusal of the court to allow certain interrogatories to be put to witnesses on the stand, and in these we find no error. The general finding prevents all inquiry by us into the special facts and conclusions of law on which that finding rests. Norris v. Jackson, 9 Wall. 125; Cooper v. Omohundro, 19 Wall. 69; Martinton v. Fairbanks, 112 U. S. 673; S. C. 5 Sup. Ct. Rep. 321.


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