In re LANCASTER et al.

137 U.S. 393

11 S.Ct. 117

34 L.Ed. 713

In re LANCASTER et al.

December 5, 1890.

A. O. Bacon and Washington Dessau, for petitioners.

[Argument of Counsel from page pages 394-395 intentionally omitted]



The petitioners were indicted, under sections 5508 and 5509 of the Revised Statutes, on the 20th of November, 1890, in the circuit court for the southern district of Georgia, and have been taken into custody. They have not invoked the action of the circuit court upon the sufficiency of the indictment by a motion to quash or otherwise, but ask leave to file in this court a petition for a writ of habeas corpus, upon the ground that the matters and things set forth and charged do not constitute any offense or offenses underth e laws of the United States, or cognizable in the circuit court, and that for other reasons the indictment cannot be sustained. In this posture of the case we must decline to interfere. The application for leave to file the petition is denied.

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