139 U.S. 548 (11 S.Ct. 652, 35 L.Ed. 266)

Ex parte INGALLS et al.

Decided: March 23, 1891

De Lagnel Berier, for motion.

Geo. W. Van Slyck, in opposition.


This is an application for a writ of error made to the court in session, under the apprehension on the part of counsel that it was directed to be so presented. We have therefore considered it, with the result that the writ must be denied. Manufacturing Co. v. Hyatt, 125 U. S. 46, 8 Sup. Ct. Rep. 756; Machine Co. v. Skinuer, ante, 528. We wish it to be distinctly understood that in future no such application will be entertained, except when a justice of this court, upon consideration of the reord , has deemed it proper, under special circumstances, to indorse thereon a request that counsel be permitted to proceed in that way. Writ refused.

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