(Mar. 9, 1920, ch. 95, § 5, 41 Stat. 526; June 30, 1932, ch. 315, 47 Stat. 420; Dec. 13, 1950, ch. 1136, 64 Stat. 1112.)


1950—Act Dec. 13, 1950, extended time limit within which certain suits in admiralty may be brought against United States.
1932—Act June 30, 1932, amended section generally. Prior to amendment, section read as follows: “That suits as herein authorized may be brought only on causes of action arising since April 6, 1917, provided that suits based on causes of action arising prior to the taking effect of this Act shall be brought within one year after this Act goes into effect; and all other suits hereunder shall be brought within two years after the cause of action arises.”

Savings Provision

Section 5 of act Mar. 9, 1920, as amended by act June 30, 1932, also contained a saving clause in connection with certain suits instituted prior to Dec. 31, 1932.