§ 1199. Excess profit; payment to Secretary; formula for determining profit

(a) Every charter made by the Secretary of Transportation pursuant to the provisions of this subchapter shall provide that whenever, at the end of any calendar year subsequent to the execution of such charter, the cumulative net voyage profits (after payment of the charter hire reserved in the charter and payment of the charterer’s fair and reasonable overhead expenses applicable to operation of the chartered vessels) shall exceed 10 per centum per annum on the charterer’s capital necessarily employed in the business of such chartered vessels, the charterer shall pay over to the Secretary of Transportation, as additional charter hire, one-half of such cumulative net voyage profit in excess of 10 per centum per annum: Provided, That the cumulative net profit so accounted for shall not be included in any calculation of cumulative net profit in subsequent years.
(b) Every charter shall contain a definition of the terms “net voyage profit” and “fair and reasonable overhead expenses”, and “capital necessarily employed”, as said terms are used in subsection (a) of this section, setting forth the formula for determining such profit and overhead expense and capital necessarily employed, which definitions shall have been previously approved by the Secretary of Transportation and published in the advertisement for bids for such charter.