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10 U.S. Code § 16166 - Administration of program

(a) Administration.—
Educational assistance under this chapter shall be provided through the Department of Veterans Affairs, under agreements to be entered into by the Secretary of Defense, and by the Secretary of Homeland Security, with the Secretary of Veterans Affairs. Such agreements shall include administrative procedures to ensure the prompt and timely transfer of funds from the Secretary concerned to the Department of Veterans Affairs for the making of payments under this chapter.
(b) Program Management.—
Except as otherwise provided in this chapter, the provisions of sections 503, 511, 3470, 3471, 3474, 3476, 3482(g), 3483, and 3485 of title 38 and the provisions of subchapters I and II of chapter 36 of such title (with the exception of sections 3686(a), 3687, and 3692) shall be applicable to the provision of educational assistance under this chapter. The term “eligible veteran” and the term “person”, as used in those provisions, shall be deemed for the purpose of the application of those provisions to this chapter to refer to a person eligible for educational assistance under this chapter.
(c) Flight Training.—The Secretary of Veterans Affairs may approve the pursuit of flight training (in addition to a course of flight training that may be approved under section 3680A(b) of title 38) by an individual entitled to educational assistance under this chapter if—
such training is generally accepted as necessary for the attainment of a recognized vocational objective in the field of aviation;
the individual possesses a valid private pilot certificate and meets, on the day the member begins a course of flight training, the medical requirements necessary for a commercial pilot certificate; and
the flight school courses meet Federal Aviation Administration standards for such courses and are approved by the Federal Aviation Administration and the State approving agency.
(d) Trust Fund.—
Amounts for payments for benefits under this chapter shall be derived from the Department of Defense Education Benefits Fund under section 2006 of this title.