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10 U.S. Code § 2883a - Funds for housing allowances of members of the armed forces assigned to certain military family housing units

(a) Authority to Transfer Funds To Cover Housing Allowances.—
During the fiscal year in which a contract is awarded for the acquisition or construction of military family housing units under this subchapter that are not to be owned by the United States, the Secretary of Defense may transfer the amount determined under subsection (b) with respect to such housing from appropriations available for support of military housing for the armed force concerned for that fiscal year to appropriations available for pay and allowances of military personnel of that same armed force for that same fiscal year.
(b) Amount Transferred.—
The total amount authorized to be transferred under subsection (a) in connection with a contract under this subchapter may not exceed an amount equal to any additional amounts payable during the fiscal year in which the contract is awarded to members of the armed forces assigned to the acquired or constructed housing units as basic allowance for housing under section 403 of title 37 that would not otherwise have been payable to such members if not for assignment to such housing units.
(c) Transfers Subject to Appropriations.—
The transfer of funds under the authority of subsection (a) is limited to such amounts as may be provided in advance in appropriations Acts.