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10 U.S. Code § 2894a - Complaint database

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(a) Database Required.—
The Secretary of Defense shall establish a database of complaints made regarding housing units.
(b) Public Availability.—
The database shall be available to the public.
(c) Inclusion of Tenant Complaints.—
The Secretary of Defense shall permit a tenant of a housing unit to file a complaint regarding the housing unit for inclusion in the database.
(d) Inclusion of Certain Information.—
(1) Information accessible in the database regarding a complaint shall include the following:
The name of the installation for which the housing unit is provided.
The name of the landlord responsible for the housing unit.
A description of the nature of the complaint.
The Secretary of Defense may not disclose personally identifiable information through the database.
(e) Response by Landlords.—
The Secretary of Defense shall include in any contract with a landlord responsible for a housing unit a requirement that the landlord respond in a timely manner to any complaints included in the database that relate to the housing unit.
The Secretary shall include landlord responses in the database.