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10 U.S. Code § 8804 - Ships’ stores: sale of goods and services

(a) In General.—
Under such regulations and at such prices as the Secretary of the Navy may prescribe, the Secretary may provide for the sale of goods and services from ships’ stores to members of the naval service and to such other persons as provided by law.
(b) Incidental Services.—
The Secretary of the Navy may provide financial services, space, utilities, and labor to ships’ stores on a nonreimbursable basis.
(c) Items Sold.—Merchandise sold by ship stores afloat may include items in the following categories:
Health, beauty, and barber items.
Prerecorded music and videos.
Photographic batteries and related supplies.
Appliances and accessories.
Uniform items, emblematic and athletic clothing, and equipment.
Luggage and leather goods.
Stationery, magazines, books, and supplies.
Sundry, games, and souvenirs.
Beverages and related food and snacks.
Laundry, tailor, and cleaning supplies.
Tobacco products.
Editorial Notes

2018—Pub. L. 115–232 renumbered section 7604 of this title as this section.

2011—Subsec. (c). Pub. L. 112–81 substituted “may” for “shall” in introductory provisions.

1993—Pub. L. 103–160 designated existing provisions as subsec. (a), inserted heading, and added subsecs. (b) and (c).

Statutory Notes and Related Subsidiaries
Effective Date of 2018 Amendment

Amendment by Pub. L. 115–232 effective Feb. 1, 2019, with provision for the coordination of amendments and special rule for certain redesignations, see section 800 of Pub. L. 115–232, set out as a note preceding section 3001 of this title.

Effective Date of 1993 Amendment

Pub. L. 103–160, div. A, title III, § 371(b), formerly § 371(d), Nov. 30, 1993, 107 Stat. 1635, renumbered § 371(b) by Pub. L. 104–106, div. A, title III, § 340(a)(2), Feb. 10, 1996, 110 Stat. 265; as amended by Pub. L. 103–337, div. A, title III, § 374(b), Oct. 5, 1994, 108 Stat. 2736, provided that:

“Subsections (b) and (c) of section 7604 [now 8804] of title 10, United States Code, as added by subsection (c) [now (a)], shall take effect on October 1, 1994.”

Pub. L. 101–510, div. A, title III, § 329(a)(3), Nov. 5, 1990, 104 Stat. 1534, provided that:

“The regulations required to be prescribed under section 7604 [now 8804] of title 10, United States Code (as amended by paragraph (1)), shall be first prescribed not later than 90 days after the date of the enactment of this Act [Nov. 5, 1990].”