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10 U.S. Code § 9628 - Airplane parts and accessories: civilian flying schools

The Secretary of the Air Force may sell, to civilian flying schools at which personnel of the Department of the Air Force or the Department of the Army are receiving flight training under contracts requiring these schools to maintain and repair airplanes of the Air Force furnished to them for flight training, the spare parts and accessories needed for those repairs.

(Aug. 10, 1956, ch. 1041, 70A Stat. 581.)

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Feb. 12, 1940, ch. 27, Title I (proviso under “Air Corps”), 54 Stat. 25.

The words “under the provisions of the Act of April 3, 1939 (53 Stat. 555)”, are omitted as obsolete, since training formerly performed under that act is now performed under section 9301 of this title. The words “personnel of the Departments” are substituted for the words “flying cadets”, since the authority is reciprocal, and to conform to section 9656 of this title. The words “flying cadet” are omitted as obsolete. 10:298c (last 28 words) is omitted to reflect Title IV of the National Security Act of 1947, as amended (63 Stat. 585), which authorized the Secretary of Defense to prescribe regulations governing the use and sale of certain inventories at cost, including applicable administrative expenses. (See opinion of the Assistant General Counsel (Fiscal Matters) of the Office of the Secretary of Defense, January 4, 1955.)