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14 U.S. Code § 1944 - Grade of permanent commissioned teaching staff

Professors shall be commissioned officers with grade not above captain, associate and assistant professors with grade not above commander, and instructors with grade not above lieutenant commander. All officers of the permanent commissioned teaching staff shall receive the pay and allowances of other commissioned officers of the same grade and length of service. When any such professor, associate professor, assistant professor, or instructor is appointed or commissioned with grade less than the highest grade permitted, he shall be promoted under regulations prescribed by the Secretary.

(Aug. 4, 1949, ch. 393, 63 Stat. 509, § 189; Pub. L. 86–474, § 1(12), May 14, 1960, 74 Stat. 145; renumbered § 1944, Pub. L. 115–282, title I, § 110(b), Dec. 4, 2018, 132 Stat. 4212.)
Historical and Revision Notes

Based on title 14, U.S.C., 1946 ed., § 15c (Apr. 16, 1937, ch. 107, § 2, 50 Stat. 66).

Said section has been divided. The last sentence is incorporated in section 187 of this title. The other provisions are incorporated in this section.

The limitation on grade of professors is raised from Commander to Captain, and other limitations as to grades within the new permanent commissioned teaching staff are established.

This section prescribes the relative ranks for the various grades in the permanent commissioned teaching staff, establishes the pay as heretofore, and provides for promotion as the Secretary shall prescribe. 81st Congress, House Report No. 557.

Editorial Notes

2018—Pub. L. 115–282 renumbered section 189 of this title as this section.

1960—Pub. L. 86–474 substituted “and instructors with grade not above” for “and commissioned instructors with grade not above”, and “assistant professor, or instructor” for “or assistant professor”.