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14 U.S. Code § 2745 - Replacement of medals

In those cases where a medal, or a bar, emblem, or insignia in lieu thereof, awarded pursuant to this chapter has been stolen, lost, destroyed, or rendered unfit for use without fault or neglect on the part of the individual to whom it was awarded, such medal, or bar, emblem, or insignia in lieu thereof, shall be replaced without charge, or, in the discretion of the Secretary, upon condition that the Government is reimbursed for the cost thereof.

(Aug. 4, 1949, ch. 393, 63 Stat. 537, § 501; Pub. L. 107–107, div. A, title V, § 553(d)(2), Dec. 28, 2001, 115 Stat. 1117; renumbered § 2745, Pub. L. 115–282, title I, § 116(b), Dec. 4, 2018, 132 Stat. 4226; Pub. L. 116–283, div. G, title LVXXXV [LXXXV], § 8505(a)(37), Jan. 1, 2021, 134 Stat. 4749.)
Historical and Revision Notes

This section provides for the replacement of medals. It follows the established practice of the other armed forces, but makes an additional provision that the Secretary in his discretion may charge for the replacement medals in some circumstances. (See title 10, U.S.C., 1946 ed., § 1416 and title 34, U.S.C., 1946 ed., § 359.) 81st Congress, House Report No. 557.

Editorial Notes

2021—Pub. L. 116–283 substituted “individual” for “person”.

2018—Pub. L. 115–282 renumbered section 501 of this title as this section.

2001—Pub. L. 107–107 inserted “stolen,” before “lost,”.