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15 U.S. Code § 149 - Bylaws

The bylaws may provide—
The time, place, manner of calling, giving notice, and conduct of, and determination of a quorum for, the meetings, annual or special, of the stockholders or directors;
The number, qualifications, and manner of choosing and fixing the tenure of office and compensation of all directors; but the number of such directors shall be not less than three, and a majority of the directors, and the president and the treasurer, or each officer holding a corresponding office, shall, during their tenure of office, be citizens of the United States resident in China.
The manner of calling for and collecting payments upon shares of stock, the penalties and forfeitures for nonpayment, the preparation of certificates of the shares, the manner of recording their sale or transfer, and the manner of their representation at stockholders’ meetings.
(Sept. 19, 1922, ch. 346, § 9, 42 Stat. 852; Feb. 26, 1925, ch. 345, § 8, 43 Stat. 996.)
Editorial Notes

1925—Par. (b). Act Feb. 26, 1925, amended par. (b) generally.