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15 U.S. Code § 1667a - Consumer lease disclosures

Each lessor shall give a lessee prior to the consummation of the lease a dated written statement on which the lessor and lessee are identified setting out accurately and in a clear and conspicuous manner the following information with respect to that lease, as applicable:
A brief description or identification of the leased property;
The amount of any payment by the lessee required at the inception of the lease;
The amount paid or payable by the lessee for official fees, registration, certificate of title, or license fees or taxes;
The amount of other charges payable by the lessee not included in the periodic payments, a description of the charges and that the lessee shall be liable for the differential, if any, between the anticipated fair market value of the leased property and its appraised actual value at the termination of the lease, if the lessee has such liability;
A statement of the amount or method of determining the amount of any liabilities the lease imposes upon the lessee at the end of the term and whether or not the lessee has the option to purchase the leased property and at what price and time;
A statement identifying all express warranties and guarantees made by the manufacturer or lessor with respect to the leased property, and identifying the party responsible for maintaining or servicing the leased property together with a description of the responsibility;
A brief description of insurance provided or paid for by the lessor or required of the lessee, including the types and amounts of the coverages and costs;
A description of any security interest held or to be retained by the lessor in connection with the lease and a clear identification of the property to which the security interest relates;
The number, amount, and due dates or periods of payments under the lease and the total amount of such periodic payments;
Where the lease provides that the lessee shall be liable for the anticipated fair market value of the property on expiration of the lease, the fair market value of the property at the inception of the lease, the aggregate cost of the lease on expiration, and the differential between them; and
A statement of the conditions under which the lessee or lessor may terminate the lease prior to the end of the term and the amount or method of determining any penalty or other charge for delinquency, default, late payments, or early termination.
The disclosures required under this section may be made in the lease contract to be signed by the lessee. The Bureau may provide by regulation that any portion of the information required to be disclosed under this section may be given in the form of estimates where the lessor is not in a position to know exact information.
Editorial Notes

2010—Pub. L. 111–203, § 1100A(2), (10)(B), made similar amendments, resulting in the substitution of “The Bureau” for “The Board” in concluding provisions.

Statutory Notes and Related Subsidiaries
Effective Date of 2010 Amendment

Amendment by Pub. L. 111–203 effective on the designated transfer date, see section 1100H of Pub. L. 111–203, set out as a note under section 552a of Title 5, Government Organization and Employees.