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15 U.S. Code § 205g - Gifts, donations and bequests to Board

(a) Authorization; deposit into Treasury and disbursement

The Board may accept, hold, administer, and utilize gifts, donations, and bequests of property, both real and personal, and personal services, for the purpose of aiding or facilitating the work of the Board. Gifts and bequests of money, and the proceeds from the sale of any other property received as gifts or requests, shall be deposited in the Treasury in a separate fund and shall be disbursed upon order of the Board.

(b) Federal income, estate, and gift taxation of property

For purpose of Federal income, estate, and gift taxation, property accepted under subsection (a) of this section shall be considered as a gift or bequest to or for the use of the United States.

(c) Investment of moneys; disbursement of accrued income

Upon the request of the Board, the Secretary of the Treasury may invest and reinvest, in securities of the United States, any moneys contained in the fund authorized in subsection (a) of this section. Income accruing from such securities, and from any other property accepted to the credit of such fund, shall be dispersed upon the order of the Board.

(d) Reversion to Treasury of unexpended funds

Funds not expended by the Board as of the date when it ceases to exist, in accordance with section 205d(d) of this title, shall revert to the Treasury of the United States as of such date.