15 U.S. Code § 2934 - National Global Change Research Plan

§ 2934.
National Global Change Research Plan
(a) In general

The Chairman of the Council, through the Committee, shall develop a National Global Change Research Plan for implementation of the Program. The Plan shall contain recommendations for national global change research. The Chairman of the Council shall submit the Plan to the Congress within one year after November 16, 1990, and a revised Plan shall be submitted at least once every three years thereafter.

(b) Contents of PlanThe Plan shall—
establish, for the 10-year period beginning in the year the Plan is submitted, the goals and priorities for Federal global change research which most effectively advance scientific understanding of global change and provide usable information on which to base policy decisions relating to global change;
describe specific activities, including research activities, data collection and data analysis requirements, predictive modeling, participation in international research efforts, and information management, required to achieve such goals and priorities;
identify and address, as appropriate, relevant programs and activities of the Federal agencies and departments represented on the Committee that contribute to the Program;
set forth the role of each Federal agency and department in implementing the Plan;
consider and utilize, as appropriate, reports and studies conducted by Federal agencies and departments, the National Research Council, or other entities;
(6) make recommendations for the coordination of the global change research activities of the United States with such activities of other nations and international organizations, including—
a description of the extent and nature of necessary international cooperation;
the development by the Committee, in consultation when appropriate with the National Space Council, of proposals for cooperation on major capital projects;
bilateral and multilateral proposals for improving worldwide access to scientific data and information; and
methods for improving participation in international global change research by developing nations; and
estimate, to the extent practicable, Federal funding for global change research activities to be conducted under the Plan.
(c) Research elementsThe Plan shall provide for, but not be limited to, the following research elements:
Global measurements, establishing worldwide observations necessary to understand the physical, chemical, and biological processes responsible for changes in the Earth system on all relevant spatial and time scales.
Documentation of global change, including the development of mechanisms for recording changes that will actually occur in the Earth system over the coming decades.
Studies of earlier changes in the Earth system, using evidence from the geological and fossil record.
Predictions, using quantitative models of the Earth system to identify and simulate global environmental processes and trends, and the regional implications of such processes and trends.
Focused research initiatives to understand the nature of and interaction among physical, chemical, biological, and social processes related to global change.
(d) Information managementThe Plan shall provide recommendations for collaboration within the Federal Government and among nations to—
establish, develop, and maintain information bases, including necessary management systems which will promote consistent, efficient, and compatible transfer and use of data;
create globally accessible formats for data collected by various international sources; and
combine and interpret data from various sources to produce information readily usable by policymakers attempting to formulate effective strategies for preventing, mitigating, and adapting to the effects of global change.
(e) National Research Council evaluationThe Chairman of the Council shall enter into an agreement with the National Research Council under which the National Research Council shall—
evaluate the scientific content of the Plan; and
provide information and advice obtained from United States and international sources, and recommended priorities for future global change research.
(f) Public participation

In developing the Plan, the Committee shall consult with academic, State, industry, and environmental groups and representatives. Not later than 90 days before the Chairman of the Council submits the Plan, or any revision thereof, to the Congress, a summary of the proposed Plan shall be published in the Federal Register for a public comment period of not less than 60 days.

(Pub. L. 101–606, title I, § 104, Nov. 16, 1990, 104 Stat. 3099.)


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