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15 U.S. Code § 4726 - Indian tribes export promotion

(a) Assistance authorized

The Secretary of Commerce is authorized to provide assistance to eligible entities for the development of foreign markets for authentic American Indian arts and crafts. Eligible entities under this section include Indian tribes, tribal organizations, tribal enterprises, craft guilds, marketing cooperatives, and individual Indian-owned businesses.

(b) Activities eligible for assistance

Activities eligible for assistance under this section include, but are not limited to, conduct of market surveys, development of promotional materials, financing of trade missions, participation in international trade fairs, direct marketing, and other market development activities.

(c) Administration of assistance

Assistance under this section shall be administered by the Secretary of Commerce under guidelines developed by the Secretary. Priority shall be given to projects which support the establishment of long term, stable international markets for American Indian arts and crafts and which are designed to provide the greatest economic benefit to American Indian artisans.

(d) Technical and other assistance

The Secretary of Commerce shall provide technical assistance and support services to applicants eligible for and entities receiving assistance under this section for the purpose of helping them in identifying and entering appropriate foreign markets, complying with foreign and domestic legal and banking requirements regarding the export and import of arts and crafts, and utilizing import and export financial arrangements, and shall provide such other assistance as may be necessary to support the development of export markets for American Indian arts and crafts.

(e) Limitation on assistance

No assistance shall be provided under this section in support of any activity which includes the sale or marketing of any craft items other than authentic arts and crafts hand made or hand crafted by American Indian artisans.