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15 U.S. Code § 4803 - Duties of Council

The Council shall—
develop recommendations for national strategies and on specific policies intended to enhance the productivity and international competitiveness of United States industries;
(2) provide comments, when appropriate, and through any existing comment procedure, on—
private sector requests for governmental assistance or relief, specifically as to whether the applicant is likely, by receiving the assistance or relief, to become internationally competitive; and
what actions should be taken by the applicant as a condition of such assistance or relief to ensure that the applicant is likely to become internationally competitive;
analyze information concerning current and future United States economic competitiveness useful to decision making in government and industry;
create a forum where national leaders with experience and background in business, labor, academia, public interest activities, and government shall identify and develop recommendations to address problems affecting the economic competitiveness of the United States;
evaluate Federal policies, regulations, and unclassified international agreement on trade, science, and technology to which the United States is a party with respect to the impact on United States competitiveness;
provide policy recommendations to the Congress, the President, and the Federal departments and agencies regarding specific issues concerning competitiveness strategies;
(7) monitor the changing nature of research, science, and technology in the United States and the changing nature of the United States economy and its capacity—
to provide marketable, high quality goods and services in domestic and international markets; and
to respond to international competition;
(8) identify—
Federal and private sector resources devoted to increased competitiveness; and
State and local government programs devised to enhance competitiveness, including joint ventures between universities and corporations;
establish, when appropriate, subcouncils of public and private leaders to develop recommendations on long-term strategies for sectors of the economy and for specific competitiveness issues;
review policy recommendations developed by the subcouncils and transmit such recommendations to the Federal agencies responsible for the implementation of such recommendations;
prepare, publish, and distribute reports containing the recommendations of the Council; and
publish their analysis and recommendations in the form of an annual report to the President and the Congress which also comments on the overall competitiveness of the American economy.
Statutory Notes and Related Subsidiaries
Termination of Reporting Requirements

For termination, effective May 15, 2000, of provisions of law requiring submittal to Congress of any annual, semiannual, or other regular periodic report listed in House Document No. 103–7 (in which a report required under par. (12) of this section is listed on page 158), see section 3003 of Pub. L. 104–66, as amended, set out as a note under section 1113 of Title 31, Money and Finance.