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15 U.S. Code § 4908 - Information on service sector

(a) Service sector information

The Secretary shall ensure that, to the extent possible, there is included in the Data Bank information on service sector economic activity that is as complete and timely as information on economic activity in the merchandise sector.

(b) SurveyThe Secretary shall undertake a new benchmark survey of service transactions, including transactions with respect to—
banking services;
information services, including computer software services;
brokerage services;
transportation services;
travel services;
engineering services;
construction services; and
health services.
(c) General information and index of leading indicatorsThe Secretary shall provide—
not less than once a year, comprehensive information on the service sector of the economy; and
an index of leading indicators which includes the measurement of service sector activity in direct proportion to the contribution of the service sector to the gross national product of the United States.