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15 U.S. Code § 5305 - Review

(a) Evaluation of research activities

The Secretary shall regularly monitor and evaluate the research activities of the applicants selected. After considering the reports of the Board provided for in section 5306(b)(2) of this title, the Secretary shall determine whether each applicant selected has complied with the management plan submitted in the original proposal and any modifications made since.

(b) Annual report

Each selected applicant in the program shall provide an annual report to the Secretary that explains the progress made, compliance with the management plan, whether changes are needed and are being made to the management plan, and what new research is planned.

(c) Discontinuation of funding

In the event a selected applicant has substantially failed in the implementation of the management plan and research activities, the Secretary shall discontinue funding.

(d) Solicitation of new proposals

Upon completion or discontinuance of any research activity authorized in section 5304 of this title, the Secretary shall, using available funds appropriated pursuant to this chapter, solicit new research proposals as set forth under the terms of this chapter.