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15 U.S. Code § 9029 - Assistance and guidance in implementing programs

(a) In generalIn order to assist States in establishing, qualifying, and implementing short-time compensation programs (as defined in section 3306(v) of title 26), the Secretary of Labor (in this section referred to as the “Secretary”) shall—
develop model legislative language, or disseminate existing model legislative language, which may be used by States in developing and enacting such programs, and periodically review and revise such model legislative language;
provide technical assistance and guidance in developing, enacting, and implementing such programs; and
(3) establish reporting requirements for States, including reporting on—
the number of estimated averted layoffs;
the number of participating employers and workers; and
such other items as the Secretary of Labor determines are appropriate.
(b) Model language and guidance

The model language and guidance developed under subsection (a) shall allow sufficient flexibility by States and participating employers while ensuring accountability and program integrity.

(c) Consultation

In developing the model legislative language and guidance under subsection (a), and in order to meet the requirements of subsection (b), the Secretary shall consult with employers, labor organizations, State workforce agencies, and other program experts. Existing model legislative language that has been developed through such a consultative process shall be deemed to meet the consultation requirement of this subsection.

Editorial Notes

Section is comprised of section 2111 of Pub. L. 116–136. Subsec. (d) of section 2111 of Pub. L. 116–136 repealed provisions formerly set out as a note under section 3306 of Title 26, Internal Revenue Code.