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15 U.S. Code § 9071 - Definitions

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Unless otherwise specified, the terms in section 40102(a) of title 49 shall apply to this part, except that—
the term “airline catering services” means preparation, assembly, or both, of food, beverages, provisions and related supplies for delivery, and the delivery of such items, directly to aircraft or to a location on or near airport property for subsequent delivery to aircraft;
(3) the term “contractor” means—
(A) a person that performs, under contract with a passenger air carrier conducting operations under part 121 of title 14, Code of Federal Regulations—
catering functions; or
functions on the property of an airport that are directly related to the air transportation of persons, property, or mail, including but not limited to the loading and unloading of property on aircraft; assistance to passengers under part 382 of title 14, Code of Federal Regulations; security; airport ticketing and check-in functions; ground-handling of aircraft; or aircraft cleaning and sanitization functions and waste removal; or
a subcontractor that performs such functions;
the term “employee” means an individual, other than a corporate officer, who is employed by an air carrier or a contractor;
(5) the term “recall” means the dispatch of a notice by a contractor, via mail, courier, or electronic mail, to an involuntarily furloughed employee notifying the employee that—
(A) the employee must, within a specified period of time that is not less than 14 days, elect either—
to return to employment or bypass return to employment in accordance with an applicable collective bargaining agreement or, in the absence of a collective bargaining agreement, company policy; or
to permanently separate from employment with the contractor; and
failure to respond within such time period specified will be deemed to be an election under subparagraph (A)(ii); and
the term “Secretary” means the Secretary of the Treasury.
Editorial Notes

2020—Pars. (5), (6). Pub. L. 116–260 added par. (5) and redesignated former par. (5) as (6).