16 U.S. Code § 1211 - Congressional statement of purpose

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For the purpose of conserving and protecting coral reef resources of the tropical islands of interest and concern to the United States in the Pacific and safeguarding critical island areas from possible erosion and to safeguard future recreational and esthetic uses of Pacific coral reefs, the Secretary of Commerce and the Secretary of the Smithsonian Institution are authorized to cooperate with and provide assistance to the governments of the State of Hawaii, the territories and possessions of the United States, including Guam and American Samoa, the Trust Territory of the Pacific Islands, and other island possessions of the United States, in the study and control of the seastar “Crown of Thorns” (Acanthaster planci).

(Pub. L. 91–427, § 1, Sept. 26, 1970, 84 Stat. 884; 1970 Reorg. Plan No. 4, eff. Oct. 3, 1970, 35 F.R. 15627, 84 Stat. 2090.)
Executive Documents
Transfer of Functions

Secretary of Commerce” substituted in text for “Secretary of the Interior” in view of: creation of National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration in Department of Commerce and Office of Administrator of such Administration; abolition of Bureau of Commercial Fisheries in Department of the Interior and Office of Director of such Bureau; transfers of functions, including functions formerly vested by law in Secretary of the Interior or Department of the Interior which were administered through Bureau of Commercial Fisheries or were primarily related to such Bureau, exclusive of certain enumerated functions with respect to Great Lakes fishery research, Missouri River Reservoir research, Gulf Breeze Biological Laboratory, and Trans-Alaska pipeline investigations; and transfer of marine sport fish program of Bureau of Sport Fisheries and Wildlife by Reorg. Plan No. 4 of 1970, eff. Oct. 3, 1970, 35 F.R. 15627, 84 Stat. 2090, set out in the Appendix to Title 5, Government Organization and Employees.

Termination of Trust Territory of the Pacific Islands

For termination of Trust Territory of the Pacific Islands, see note set out preceding section 1681 of Title 48, Territories and Insular Possessions.

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