16 U.S. Code § 1421b - Stranding response agreements

(a) In general

The Secretary may enter into an agreement under section 1382(c) of this title with any person to take marine mammals under section 1379(h)(1) of this title in response to a stranding.

(b) Required provisionAn agreement authorized by subsection (a) shall—
specify each person who is authorized to perform activities under the agreement; and
specify any terms and conditions under which a person so specified may delegate that authority to another person.
(c) Review

The Secretary shall periodically review agreements under section 1382(c) of this title that are entered into pursuant to this subchapter, for performance adequacy and effectiveness.

(Pub. L. 92–522, title IV, § 403, formerly title III, § 303, as added Pub. L. 102–587, title III, § 3003(a), Nov. 4, 1992, 106 Stat. 5061; renumbered title IV, § 403, Pub. L. 103–238, § 24(b), Apr. 30, 1994, 108 Stat. 565.)