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16 U.S. Code § 346a–5 - Zion National Park boundary adjustment

(a) Acquisition and boundary change

The Secretary of the Interior is authorized to acquire by exchange approximately 5.48 acres located in the SW¼ of Section 28, Township 41 South, Range 10 West, Salt Lake Base and Meridian. In exchange therefor the Secretary is authorized to convey all right, title, and interest of the United States in and to approximately 5.51 acres in Lot 2 of Section 5, Township 41 South, Range 11 West, both parcels of land being in Washington County, Utah. Upon completion of such exchange, the Secretary is authorized to revise the boundary of Zion National Park to add the 5.48 acres in section 28 to the park and to exclude the 5.51 acres in section 5 from the park. Land added to the park shall be administered as part of the park in accordance with the laws and regulations applicable thereto.

(b) Expiration

The authority granted by this section shall expire 2 years after November 12, 1996.