16 U.S. Code § 410cc–21 - Park management plan

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(a) Submission date and contents of preparatory statement to CongressThe Secretary shall submit a statement to the Congress, within two years after the date on which funds are made available to carry out this subchapter, which—
reports on the progress that the Secretary has made in acquiring the properties identified under section 410cc–22 of this title, and describes the way the Secretary intends to use these properties;
identifies the properties within the park and preservation district respecting which the Secretary has entered into or intends to enter into agreements relating to interpretive exhibits or programs under section 410cc–23(a) of this title;
reports on the progress of the Secretary in leasing a portion of the Lowell Manufacturing Company, located on Market Street, for the purpose of establishing a visitors’ center in close proximity to parking and other transportation facilities, and (B) identifies any other property within the park which the Secretary has leased or intends to lease for purposes of the park;
reports any other activities which the Secretary has taken or intends to take to carry out the purpose of this subchapter; and
contains a tentative budget for the park and preservation district for the subsequent five fiscal years.
(b) Establishment, submission date, contents, etc., of plan
Not later than three years after the date on which funds are made available to carry out this subchapter, the Secretary shall establish and submit to the Congress a park management plan containing the information described in subsection (a) of this section. Such plan shall, upon request, be available to the public.
After consulting with the Commission, the city manager of Lowell, and the Commonwealth of Massachusetts, the Secretary may make revisions in the park management plan established pursuant to paragraph (1) of this subsection by publication of such revisions in the Federal Register. A revision made under this paragraph shall be effective 90 days after written notice of the revision is submitted to the Congress.