16 U.S. Code § 410cc–23 - Agreements and technical assistance

(a) Interpretative exhibits or programsThe Secretary may enter into agreements with any owner of property with national historic or cultural significance within the park to provide for interpretive exhibits or programs. Such agreements shall provide, whenever appropriate, that—
the public may have access to such property at specified, reasonable times for purposes of viewing such property or the exhibits or attending the programs established by the Secretary under this subsection; and
the Secretary may make such minor improvements to such property as the Secretary deems necessary to enhance the public use and enjoyment of such property, exhibits, and programs.
(b) Request for assistance
(1) The Secretary shall provide, upon request, technical assistance to—
the city of Lowell to assist the city in establishing regulations or laws consistent with the standards and criteria established pursuant to section 410cc–32(e) of this title; and
the Commission to assist the Commission in establishing the index and the standards and criteria required by section 410cc–32 of this title.
The Secretary may provide to any owner of property within the park or preservation district, the Commission, the Commonwealth of Massachusetts, the city of Lowell, and any other Federal entity or any institution such technical assistance as the Secretary considers appropriate to carry out the purpose of this subchapter.