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16 U.S. Code § 410ccc–23 - Preparation of plan

(a) In generalWithin 3 years after the Commission conducts its first meeting, it shall prepare and submit a heritage area management plan to the Governor of the State of Louisiana. The Governor shall, if the Governor approves the plan, submit it to the Secretary for review and approval. The Secretary shall provide technical assistance to the Commission in the preparation and implementation of the plan, in concert with actions by the National Park Service to prepare a general management plan for the historical park. The plan shall consider local government plans and shall present a unified heritage preservation and education plan for the heritage area. The plan shall include, but not be limited to—
an inventory of important properties and cultural landscapes that should be preserved, managed, developed, and maintained because of their cultural, natural, and public use significance;
an analysis of current land uses within the area and how they affect the goals of preservation and public use of the heritage area;
an interpretive plan to address the cultural and natural history of the area, and actions to enhance visitor use. This element of the plan shall be undertaken in consultation with the National Park Service and visitor use plans for the historical park;
recommendations for coordinating actions by local, State, and Federal governments within the heritage area, to further the purposes of this subchapter; and
an implementation program for the plan including desired actions by State and local governments and other involved groups and entities.
(b) Approval of planThe Secretary shall approve or disapprove the plan within 90 days after receipt of the plan from the Commission. The Commission shall notify the Secretary of the status of approval by the Governor of Louisiana when the plan is submitted for review and approval. In determining whether or not to approve the plan the Secretary shall consider—
whether the Commission has afforded adequate opportunity, including public meetings and hearings, for public and governmental involvement in the preparation of the plan; and
whether reasonable assurances have been received from the State and local governments that the plan is supported and that the implementation program is feasible.
(c) Disapproval of plan

If the Secretary disapproves the plan, he shall advise the Commission in writing of the reasons for disapproval, and shall provide recommendations and assistance in the revision plan. Following completion of any revisions to the plan, the Commission shall resubmit the plan to the Governor of Louisiana for approval, and to the Secretary, who shall approve or disapprove the plan within 90 days after the date that the plan is revised.