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16 U.S. Code § 460lll–13 - Payments to States and counties

(a) Payments in lieu of taxes

Land within the Recreation Area shall be subject to the provisions for payments in lieu of taxes under chapter 69 of title 31.

(b) Distribution

All amounts received from charges, use fees, and natural resource utilization, including timber and agricultural receipts, shall not be subject to distribution to States under section 500 of this title.

(c) Payments by the Tennessee Valley AuthorityAfter the transfer of administrative jurisdiction is made under section 460lll–41 of this title—
the Tennessee Valley Authority shall continue to calculate the amount of payments to be made to States and counties under section 831l of this title; and
each State (including, for the purposes of this subsection, the State of Kentucky, the State of Tennessee, and any other State) that receives a payment under that section shall continue to calculate the amounts to be distributed to the State and local governments, as though the transfer had not been made.