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16 U.S. Code § 460lll–25 - Special use authorizations

(a) In generalIn addition to other authorities for the authorization of special uses within the National Forest System, within the Recreation Area, the Secretary may, on such terms and conditions as the Secretary may prescribe—
convey for no consideration perpetual easements to governmental units for public roads over United States Route 68 and the Trace, and such other rights-of-way as the Secretary and a governmental unit may agree;
transfer or lease to governmental units developed recreation sites or other facilities to be managed for public purposes; and
lease or authorize recreational sites or other facilities, consistent with sections 460lll–1(2) and 460lll–11(b)(2) of this title.
(b) Consideration
(1) In general

Consideration for a lease or other special use authorization within the Recreation Area shall be based on fair market value.

(2) Reduction or waiver

The Secretary may reduce or waive a fee to a governmental unit or nonprofit organization commensurate with other consideration provided to the United States, as determined by the Secretary.

(c) Procedure

The Secretary may use any fair and equitable method for authorizing special uses within the Recreation Area, including public solicitation of proposals.

(d) Existing authorizations
(1) In general

A permit or other authorization granted by the Tennessee Valley Authority that is in effect on the date of transfer pursuant to section 460lll–41 of this title may continue on transfer of administration of the Recreation Area to the Secretary.

(2) Reissuance

A permit or authorization described in paragraph (1) may be reissued or terminated under terms and conditions prescribed by the Secretary.

(3) Exercise of rights

The Secretary may exercise any of the rights of the Tennessee Valley Authority contained in any permit or other authorization, including any right to amend, modify, and revoke the permit or authorization.