16 U.S. Code § 577g–1. Payment to State of Minnesota for extension to other sections of land

The Secretary of the Treasury, upon the certification of the Secretary of Agriculture, shall pay to the State of Minnesota, at the close of each fiscal year from any national-forest receipts not otherwise appropriated a sum of money equivalent to three-quarters of 1 per centum of the fair appraised value of such national-forest lands as may be situated within the area described in section 577d–1 of this title at the end of each fiscal year; and the payments made hereunder shall be distributed to each of the three aforesaid counties in conformity with the fair appraised value of such national-forest lands in each county: Provided, That the fair appraised value of the lands shall be determined by the Secretary of Agriculture at ten-year intervals and his determination shall be conclusive and final: Provided further, That the first payment to the State of Minnesota under the provisions of this section shall be due at the close of the fiscal year 1959: And provided further, That the provisions of section 500 of this title, shall not be applicable to the national-forest lands to which this section applies.

(June 22, 1948, ch. 593, § 5, 62 Stat. 570; June 22, 1956, ch. 425, § 2, 70 Stat. 328.)

Section 5 of act June 22, 1948, as it read prior to amendment by act June 22, 1956, is set out as section 577g of this title.


1956—Act June 22, 1956, amended section with respect to the lands described in section 577d–1 by revising the proviso to fix the due date of the first payment to Minnesota as of the close of the fiscal year 1959. For payment for lands described in section 577d, see section 577g of this title.