16 U.S. Code §§ 631a to 631q. Repealed. Pub. L. 89–702, title IV, § 408(a), Nov. 2, 1966, 80 Stat. 1098

Sections were from act Feb. 26, 1944, ch. 65, §§ 1–17, 58 Stat. 100.

Section 631e amended by act Sept. 27, 1950, ch. 1056, 64 Stat. 1071.

Sections related to protection of fur seals and other fur-bearing animals as follows:

631a, Definitions,

631b, Pelagic sealing, sealing, or sea otter hunting in certain waters of North Pacific prohibited; use of ports of United States; importing illegally taken skins,

631c, Natives permitted to carry on pelagic sealing or sea otter hunting,

631d, Killing of seals on Pribilof Islands, other islands, and shores of waters under United States jurisdiction; permission to designated Fish and Wildlife Service officers and employees and Alaskan natives; pelagic sealing in emergencies,

631e, Sale of seal or sea otter skins; deposit of proceeds,

631f, Pribilof Islands a special reservation; landing on islands unlawful; penalties,

631g, Employment of Pribilof Islands native in killing seals and curing skins,

631h, Depots for and transportation of provisions from mainland to Pribilof Islands; care of natives,

631i, Investigations as to seal life on the Pribilof Islands,

631j, Persons authorized to enforce provisions of seal fisheries law; powers of arrest, search, and seizure; execution of warrants; forfeiture,

631k, Punishment for violation of law; forfeiture,

631l, Duties of collectors of customs regarding importation of skins of fur seal and see otter,

631m, Seizure of persons or vessels outside of jurisdiction of signatory powers; procedure,

631n, Guard or patrol of waters; composition,

631o, Receipt and disposal of skins by United States,

631p, Killing, capturing, etc., certain fur-bearing animals for scientific purposes,

631q, Secretary’s powers and duties; employment of personnel.

Subject matter is covered by section 1151 et seq. of this title.