16 U.S. Code § 6553. Accelerated information gathering regarding forest-damaging insects

(a) Information gatheringThe Secretary, acting through the Forest Service and United States Geological Survey, as appropriate, shall establish an accelerated program—
(1) to plan, conduct, and promote comprehensive and systematic information gathering on forest-damaging insects and associated diseases, including an evaluation of—
infestation prevention and suppression methods;
effects of infestations and associated disease interactions on forest ecosystems;
restoration of forest ecosystem efforts;
utilization options regarding infested trees; and
models to predict the occurrence, distribution, and impact of outbreaks of forest-damaging insects and associated diseases;
to assist land managers in the development of treatments and strategies to improve forest health and reduce the susceptibility of forest ecosystems to severe infestations of forest-damaging insects and associated diseases on Federal land and State and private land; and
to disseminate the results of the information gathering, treatments, and strategies.
(b) Cooperation and assistanceThe Secretary shall—
(1) establish and carry out the program in cooperation with—
scientists from colleges and universities (including forestry schools, land grant colleges and universities, and 1890 Institutions);
Federal, State, and local agencies; and
private and industrial landowners; and
designate such colleges and universities to assist in carrying out the program.