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16 U.S. Code § 760aa–4 - Hatchery education program development

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(a) GuidanceNot later than 1 year after October 16, 2006, the Secretary of the Interior shall develop guidance for the hatchery education programs to further the mission of the System and the purposes of individual hatcheries through—
providing outdoor classroom opportunities for students on fish hatcheries that combine educational curricula with the personal experiences of students relating to fish, aquatic species, and their habitat, and to the cultural and historical resources of the hatcheries;
promoting understanding and conservation of fish, aquatic species, and the cultural and historical resources of the hatcheries; and
improving scientific literacy in conjunction with both formal and nonformal education programs.
(b) Hatchery programs

Based on the guidance developed under subsection (a), the Secretary of the Interior may, with assistance from the Fish and Wildlife Management Assistance Program, develop or enhance hatchery educational programs as appropriate, based on the resources of individual hatcheries and the opportunities available for such programs in State, local, and private schools. In developing and implementing each program, the Secretary should cooperate with State and local education authorities, and may cooperate with partner organizations in accordance with subsection (d).[1]