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16 U.S. Code § 7807 - Cooperation in carrying out the Convention

(a) Federal and State agencies; private institutions and organizations

The Secretary may cooperate with agencies of the United States Government, any public or private institutions or organizations within the United States or abroad, and, through the Secretary of State, the duly authorized officials of the government of any party to the South Pacific Fishery Resources Convention, in carrying out responsibilities under this chapter.

(b) Scientific and other programs; facilities and personnel

All Federal agencies may, upon the request of the Secretary, cooperate in the conduct of scientific and other programs and to furnish facilities and personnel for the purpose of assisting the Commission in carrying out its duties under the South Pacific Fishery Resources Convention.

(c) Sanctioned fishing operations and biological experimentsNothing in this chapter, or in the laws or regulations of any State, prevents the Secretary or the Commission from—
conducting or authorizing the conduct of fishing operations and biological experiments at any time for purposes of scientific investigation; or
discharging any other duties prescribed by the South Pacific Fishery Resources Convention.
(d) State jurisdiction not affected

Nothing in this chapter shall be construed to diminish or to increase the jurisdiction of any State in the territorial sea of the United States.