1. § 460u. Establishment; description of area
  2. § 460u–1. Acquisition of property
  3. § 460u–2. Direction for establishment; publication in Federal Register; continuing acquisition of lands
  4. § 460u–3. “Improved property” and “appropriate map” defined; terms and conditions for rights of use and occupancy
  5. § 460u–4. Repealed. Pub. L. 94–549, § 1(9), Oct. 18, 1976, 90 Stat. 2533
  6. § 460u–5. Owner’s retention of right of use and occupancy for residential purposes
  7. § 460u–6. Administration
  8. § 460u–7. Indiana Dunes National Park Advisory Commission
  9. § 460u–8. State jurisdiction
  10. § 460u–9. Authorization of appropriations; general management plan; submittal to Congressional committees; feasibility study
  11. § 460u–10. Rights-of-way and easements; existing property rights of Northern Indiana Public Service Company
  12. § 460u–11. Legal cooling, process, or surface drainage into Little Calumet River; Federal, State or local air and water pollution standards not affected
  13. § 460u–12. Repealed. Pub. L. 102–430, § 3(b), Oct. 23, 1992, 106 Stat. 2208
  14. § 460u–13. Acquisition of area I–C; owner consent required
  15. § 460u–14. Plan, lands acquired, land acquisition program; submittal to Congressional committees
  16. § 460u–15. Rights-of-way; public access to Little Calumet River
  17. § 460u–16. Road construction cooperative agreements with landowners north of Little Calumet River; prevention of soil erosion; minimization of aural and visual impact
  18. § 460u–17. Lands within area I–E used for solid waste disposal
  19. § 460u–18. Study of areas III–A, III–C, and II–A; report to Congressional committees
  20. § 460u–19. Acquisition of land outside present boundaries; notice to Congressional committees; publication in Federal Register
  21. § 460u–20. Paul H. Douglas Ecological and Recreational Unit and Center for Environmental Education
  22. § 460u–21. Public access study
  23. § 460u–22. Consideration of property owner’s hardship in property acquisition
  24. § 460u–23. Acquisition of interest in area VII–A
  25. § 460u–24. Little Calumet River and Burns/Portage Waterway
  26. § 460u–25. Cooperative agreement with Gary, Indiana
  27. § 460u–26. Units VII–D and I–M

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