19 U.S. Code § 1316 - Omitted


Section, act June 17, 1930, ch. 497, title III, § 316, 46 Stat. 695, prohibiting the construction of this chapter so as to abrogate or affect the treaty between the United States and Cuba concluded on Dec. 11, 1902, was omitted in view of the termination of such treaty on Aug. 21, 1963 (see note below), and section 401 of Pub. L. 87–456, title IV, May 24, 1962, 76 Stat. 78, set out as a note under section 1351 of this title. Section 401(d) of Pub. L. 87–456 declares sections 124 and 125 of this title as inapplicable so long as section 401(a) of Pub. L. 87–456, declaring Cuba as a nation dominated or controlled by the foreign government or foreign organization controlling the world communist movement, applies.

Treaty Between United States and Cuba

The treaty concluded between the United States and the Republic of Cuba on Dec. 11, 1902, referred to in text, was terminated Aug. 21, 1963, pursuant to notice given by the United States on Aug. 21, 1962. See Bevans, Treaties, and Other International Agreements of the United States of America, 1776 to 1949, vol. VI, page 1106.