19 U.S. Code § 2117 - International safeguard procedures

(a) Harmonization, reduction, or elimination of barriers and distortions affecting international trade; use of temporary measures

A principal United States negotiating objective under section 2112 of this title shall be to obtain internationally agreed upon rules and procedures, in the context of the harmonization, reduction, or elimination of barriers to, and other distortions of, international trade, which permit the use of temporary measures to ease adjustment to changes occurring in competitive conditions in the domestic markets of the parties to an agreement resulting from such negotiations due to the expansion of international trade.

(b) Permissible provisionsAny agreement entered into under section 2112 of this title may include provisions establishing procedures for—
notification of affected exporting countries,
international consultations,
international review of changes in trade flows,
making adjustments in trade flows as the result of such changes, and
international mediation.
Such agreements may also include provisions which—
exclude, under specified conditions, the parties thereto from compensation obligations and retaliation, and
permit domestic public procedures through which interested parties have the right to participate.

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