19 U.S. Code § 2578b - Definitions

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(a) In generalAs used in this part:
(1) Agency

The term “agency” means a Federal department or agency (or combination of Federal departments or agencies).

(2) Commissioner

The term “Commissioner” means the Commissioner of Food and Drugs.

(3) International standard-setting organization

The term “international standard-setting organization” means an organization consisting of representatives of 2 or more countries, the purpose of which is to negotiate, develop, promulgate, or amend an international standard.

(4) Sanitary or phytosanitary standard

The term “sanitary or phytosanitary standard” means a standard intended to form a basis for a sanitary or phytosanitary measure.

(5) International standardThe term “international standard” means a standard, guideline, or recommendation—
regarding food safety, adopted by the Codex Alimentarius Commission, including a standard, guideline, or recommendation regarding decomposition elaborated by the Codex Committee on Fish and Fishery Products, food additives, contaminants, hygienic practice, and methods of analysis and sampling;
regarding animal health and zoonoses, developed under the auspices of the International Office of Epizootics;
regarding plant health, developed under the auspices of the Secretariat of the International Plant Protection Convention in cooperation with the North American Plant Protection Organization; or
established by or developed under any other international organization agreed to by the NAFTA countries (as defined in section 2(4) [1] of the North American Free Trade Agreement Implementation Act) or by the WTO members (as defined in section 3501(10) of this title).
(b) Other definitions

The definitions set forth in section 2575b of this title apply for purposes of this part except that in applying paragraph (7) of section 2575b of this title with respect to a sanitary or phytosanitary measure of a foreign country, any reference in such paragraph to the United States shall be deemed to be a reference to that foreign country.

[1]  See References in Text note below.
References in Text

Section 2(4) of the North American Free Trade Agreement Implementation Act, referred to in subsec. (a)(5)(D), is section 2(4) of Pub. L. 103–182, Dec. 8, 1993, 107 Stat. 2060, which was classified to section 3301(4) of this title prior to repeal by Pub. L. 116–113, title VI, § 601, Jan. 29, 2020, 134 Stat. 78, effective on the date the USMCA (as defined by section 21902 of this title) entered into force (July 1, 2020).

Effective Date

Section effective on the date of entry into force of the WTO Agreement with respect to the United States (Jan. 1, 1995), except as otherwise provided, see section 451 of Pub. L. 103–465, set out as a note under section 3601 of this title.

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