Sections, R.S. §§ 2885, 2886, required the containers of imported liquors or distilled spirits to be marked or scored at the port of landing with the capacity, wine gallons, proof, proof gallons, and other detailed information, such marks to be obliterated upon sale.

Effective Date of Repeal

Act Aug. 8, 1953, ch. 397, § 1, 67 Stat. 507, provided that such act is effective, except as otherwise specifically provided for, on and after the thirtieth day following the date of its enactment (Aug. 8, 1953).

The exception “except as otherwise specifically provided for” apparently refers to the amendments made to the provisions preceding subd. (1) of section 1308 of this title and to section 1557(b) of this title, for which separate effective dates were provided as explained in notes under those sections.

Savings Provision

For savings provision generally providing that the repeal or modification of existing law by act Aug. 8, 1953, ch. 397, would not affect acts, rights, or civil or criminal proceedings commenced prior to such act, see section 23 of act Aug. 8, 1953, ch. 397, set out as a note under section 1304 of this title.