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19 U.S. Code § 3108 - Consultations

(a) Advice from departments and agencies

Prior to taking any action under this chapter, the President shall seek information and advice from the interagency trade organization established under section 1872(a) of this title.

(b) Advice from private sectorBefore—
the Trade Representative concludes the investigation conducted under section 3103(a) of this title or takes action under section 3103(c) of this title,
the President establishes specific negotiating objectives under section 3104(b) of this title with respect to any foreign country, or
the President takes action under section 3105 of this title,
the Trade Representative shall provide an opportunity for the presentation of views by any interested party with respect to such investigation, objectives, or action, including appropriate committees established pursuant to section 2155 of this title.
(c) Consultations with Congress and official advisorsFor purposes of conducting negotiations under section 3104(a) of this title, the Trade Representative shall keep appropriate committees of the Congress, as well as appropriate committees established pursuant to section 2155 of this title, currently informed with respect to—
the negotiating priorities and objectives for each priority foreign country;
the assessment of negotiating prospects, both bilateral and multilateral; and
any United States concessions which might be included in negotiations to achieve the objectives described in subsections (c) and (d) of section 3104 of this title.
(d) Modification of specific negotiating objectives

Before the President takes any action under section 3104(b)(2)(A) of this title to refine or modify specific negotiating objectives, the President shall consult with the Congress and with members of the industry, and representatives of labor, affected by the proposed refinement or modification.