19 U.S. Code § 4016. Arbitration of claims

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The United States is authorized to resolve any claim against the United States covered by article 10.16.1(a)(i)(C) or article 10.16.1(b)(i)(C) of the Agreement, pursuant to the Investor-State Dispute Settlement procedures set forth in section B of chapter 10 of the Agreement.

Termination of Section

For termination of section by section 107(d) of Pub. L. 109–53, see Effective and Termination Dates note below.

Effective and Termination Dates

Section effective on the date the Dominican Republic-Central America-United States Free Trade Agreement enters into force (Mar. 1, 2006) and to cease to have effect on the date the Agreement ceases to be in force with respect to the United States, and, during any period in which a country ceases to be a CAFTA–DR country, to cease to have effect with respect to such country, see section 107 of Pub. L. 109–53, set out as a note under section 4001 of this title.