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2 U.S. Code § 1921a - Sole and exclusive authority of Board and Chief to determine rates of pay

(a) In generalThe Capitol Police Board and the Chief of the Capitol Police shall have the sole and exclusive authority to determine the rates and amounts for each of the following for members of the Capitol Police:
The rate of basic pay (including the rate of basic pay upon appointment), premium pay, specialty assignment and proficiency pay, and merit pay.
The rate of cost-of-living adjustments, comparability adjustments, and locality adjustments.
The amount for recruitment and relocation bonuses.
The amount for retention allowances.
The amount for educational assistance payments.
(b) No review or appeal permitted

The determination of a rate or amount described in subsection (a) may not be subject to review or appeal in any manner.

(c) Rule of constructionNothing in this section may be construed to affect—
any authority provided under law for a committee of the House of Representatives or Senate, or any other entity of the legislative branch, to review or approve any determination of a rate or amount described in subsection (a);
any rate or amount described in subsection (a) which is established under law; or
the terms of any collective bargaining agreement.
(d) Effective date

This section shall apply with respect to fiscal year 2005 and each succeeding fiscal year.

Editorial Notes

Section is from the Legislative Branch Appropriations Act, 2005, which is div. G of the Consolidated Appropriations Act, 2005.